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Modified 19-Mar-16
Created 3-Apr-11

Give your sellers the representation they deserve!!
I use multiple off-camera flashes with remote triggers to bathe the entire scene in bright light that renders beautiful and vibrant colors.
ScottPhotoWorks_603E One Water Place__07221 Mallard Lane_Hefner_2015_07_22_03021 Mallard Lane_Hefner_2015_07_22_03121 Mallard Lane_Hefner_2015_07_22_234Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__035Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__077Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__087Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__112Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__203Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__207Pelican_215 St Tropez Ct_2015_06_29__228115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_101115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_098115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_145115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_153115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_159115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_170115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_290115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_311115 Lisa Marie PL_2015_08_28_313

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