"Each photo shoot is unique.  Please contact me directly for a customized....."

Just kidding.  Here are some actual prices:


Real Estate

Photography.    Give your sellers the representation they deserve!!  We hand-blend multiples shots of each scene for the best possible final result.  Specifically, the first shot is of the ambient light to capture the natural shadows and highlights, the second using strobes to capture the proper colors of the interior, and a third exposed for the view out the windows.  Additional shots as necessary for "problem areas"....mostly to eliminate non-natural reflections in glass shower doors, TVs and framed artwork.   The result is a clean, more natural representation of each scene...with a little bit of "pop" added for the best possible viewer experience.

--HOMES:  Base price is $50 plus $12 per 100 sqft (heated).  (Minimum $250)  Includes DRONE photos!!  A nominal travel fee may apply.

--CONDOS: Base price $200 for studios and 1BR units.  Add $20 for each additional bedroom, bunks or living area.  (Includes photos of pool, BBQ area, fitness center, etc)

Drone Photography.  Add some aerial shots to capture the essence and character of your property.  Full FAA compliance.  $150  (INCLUDED in HOME still package above.)


Events (Receptions, Banquets, etc)

General.  For most events, one hourly rate gets you every photo I take--minus the "blinks & blurs". Each hi-resolution photo is easily accessible and free to download from this website. If you prefer to purchase prints you can do that too--and at very reasonable prices.  $125/hr.  Add studio lighting, $150/hr.  Add backdrop, $175/hr.

Photo Booth...with a twist. Remove the booth, add a personalized backdrop and a human photographer, and spit out endless 4x6 prints with the graphics of your choice.   Your guests will love it!  $500 per 4 hour event (custom printed 8'x10' "Step & Repeat" backdrop, add $150)

Party Prints. We can Collect and Print EVERY PHOTO taken by EVERY GUEST with their smartphones.  Hundreds of 4x6 prints processed and delivered in real time....with the graphics of your choice.  $350 for up to 4 hours.  (Includes 400 prints and all digitals.)